1.  Please fill up your personal details here such as Sponsor ID, Placement ID and your preferred Login Id. Do fill in your latest address for updates on your statements and correspondence from us will be sent. Kindly read through the Member Agreement before registration.
2. Please take down and remember your own Login ID for future references and member site login. You will also use it for customer service and support. A copy of registration confirmation will be sent to your registered email.
3.  Please login with username and password and access SCVenture Back-End as below (
4. Home – Upon Login, you will see activity log of yours and downlines transactions with Jump Start icons
5. Click Members to view Downline / Tree Reports based on Genealogy Tree, Direct Downlines, Sponsor Tree and Binary Tree. Member also can view the summary of total downline info
a) Genealogy Tree – View all members by each level under your hierarchy report
b) My Downlines – Browse the status of all your immediate downlines by their details of Name, Sex, Telephone, Email, Joined date and Status (active / inactive)
c)  Sponsor Tree – Browse your member tree based on multi-type avatars and business volume
d) Binary Tree – Browse your placement in Binary Tree with the status of your downline / placements. Inactive ids will be in grey
6. Investments – Members should make investment or activate new sales in this page. Prior to Investment, members can browse all previous investments by Daily, Monthly and All.a) Tools – Invest – Please select the required product for Investment. Your ePoint will be used for the purchase payment and please enter upline info if the member is not already setup in placement or you can Purchase P-Wallet using online payment service Liberty Reserve
b) Enter your Sponsor / Upline ID during your activation
c) Invest for Downline – Please enter the member you would like to be key in entry, by member Login ID or Name. Fill up order entry form and submit for confirmation
7) My Wallets – 2 Wallets available for members; eWallet and ePoint. By clicking more info, members can perform transactions from each wallet as per given definitions below:-
a) e-Wallet – Member’s bonuses will be remitted into this wallet. Amount in eWallet can be converted to ePoint for activation and Members can withdraw funds to their respective Liberty Reserve account. Minimum amount for withdrawal – $50 or above. Service fee 5% is incurred for the withdrawal.
b) ePoint – Transfer to another member P-Wallet for package activation / Upgrade.
ePoint also can be purchased via Online Payment Service – Liberty Reserve
c) eTravel – Upon Iinvestment / Activation, 10% of your Package Amount will be remitted into eTravel. Members can withdraw funds to their respective Liberty Reserve account and enjoy our Travel Incentives packages
8. My Bonuses – Provides summarized and detailed report of member’s accumulated income which explains in details about the member’s incomes in breakdown format
9)  Options – Consist of My Info, Change Login & Transaction password and Logout.
a) My Info – Member can modify his / her personal details such as Bank Account and Liberty Reserve account details.  Fields such as Email, Country and Identification Numbers only can be modified by Administrator upon a change request from member’s registered email.b) Login & Transaction Password – Member can change their Login and Transaction password which is by default are the same upon registration.c) Logout – Members should Logout once transactions completed to end their sessions

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